Anker Bak

When a seed is planted, the design can live in my head for months or years. A form can appear on my run in the forest near my home, experiencing the ever-changing shapes of the Danish seasons. A bending or a joint will come together when I walk on the beach with my daughter.

In its essence, design is about discovery and necessity. About giving our best answers for needed solutions.

My process is often long and slow for this reason. I need a lot of time to give my ideas space. It is a cyclical thing that is constantly developing and growing. But I have accepted that dignified design can take a long time.




I do what I am best at to solve the problems I see for the people around me.

My hands hold an intuitive intelligence. Like a musician, I must let my craft loose in the workshop to test my ideas. This way, I can work freely.

I always build my own prototype. It is the manifestation I need to see if an idea really works. But it is also proof to the manufacturer that I know every design detail. I can show them how it looks, works, and feels.

I work with wood because I believe we thrive best surrounded by organic elements. We are part of nature, so wood intuitively inspires our calm. This is why I try to bring wood into people's homes with all my designs. To help nurture our minds.




I believe change starts with doing what you are best at for the people around you.

My life as a father and partner can not be separated from how I grow as a designer.

Every day, I ask myself how I can help solve real problems for people with the skills I have chosen to gather. So each hour I spend has to count toward something more than work. It is all life in the end.

Just like good relationships, quality design nourishes us daily. Both can follow us with respect and care for decades or even a lifetime. I want to pass on this respect and dignity for future generations to harvest.

This is what I live off.



The best designs have important stories to tell if we listen.

The designer can create meaningful designs from his lived experience and meeting people.

The manufacturers tell their story through the material quality and techniques they choose.

And the people who use furniture leave their stories in the wood when they proudly use a product and pass it down through the family.

These three stories come together in great designs to create meaningful furniture that makes us grow and grows with us.






Dignified design is the sum of a meaningful story, caring form, and real problem solving.

A part of

"My designs are inspired by personal experiences with people in need of dignified and practical solutions. This always leads me to an open, honest approach to design and construction. As I believe it's important to involve you in this way of working, you can watch the four videos below."



"Designing for me is all about observing, contemplating, and drawing to ensure ideas work not only on paper. My designs should solve real problems for real people."



"After completing the design, I shift gears from being a 'designer' to working as an cabinetmaker. I use wood as much as possible and handle all stages of the process in my workshop."



"Being a designer is a way of thinking and living for me. To maintain harmony, I prioritize all aspects of my life and ensure I don't lose touch with my humanity."



"While I've always dreamt of being a musician, wood has become my instrument. Through it, I share the stories close to my heart, hoping to share happiness and inspire reflection in others."