A functional lounge chair




Wool & Lether
Stainless steel & Brass


Heights 110cm
Width 92cm
Depth 80cm

Anker says about Kumo

"In close collaboration with Miyazaki-san, I really wanted to push the existing boundaries of wooden furniture's design and functionality. 'What can and dare we do if the goal is to take the traditional lounge chair to a new level?'

After years of work, the result is a chair that I will confidently call innovative, and also has a timeless quality.

I've learned a lot from the great Danish design tradition I grew up with, which is why some of Wegner’s most beautiful principles are reflected in Kumo, but with a new and more dynamic design.

The task felt like putting together a 2000-piece puzzle made of wood, canvas, leather, and metal.

It is a chair that has changed me as a designer through the work on the smallest detail, and that challenges the conventions of aesthetics and function in lounge chairs.

With Kumo, you only need one lounge chair in your life, one that can be handed down through generations."

Product information

Kumo is Anker's take on the ultimate lounge chair conceived and built under the principle of 'design without limitations.'

With its organic form, purity of style and enormous level of detail, it is an lounge chair created for those who want both the highest quality and a design object for posterity.

Made of oak and walnut and with moving parts in stainless steel and brass of the highest quality, Kumo stands as a manifestation of the perfect balance between form and function.

Kumo hides the highest structural complexity and, at the same time, takes its place in any room as a functional art object, where aesthetics and details merge into a larger whole.

The high level of detail also makes Kumo uncompromising in both aesthetics and construction, right down to the smallest specially designed bolt, unique shape and assembly.

With an adjustable neck pillow and a deep seat, Kumo creates an open and inviting embrace that flows intuitively with the user.

An lounge chair created for the soul, the eye and the future as much as for the function.

About Kumo

Kumo is an experience of weightlessness and stillness. An oasis in everyday life where time and space can expand and open up horizons.

The name 'Kumo' means 'cloud' in Japanese and symbolises the freedom and infinite potential of the lounge chair as its own airy space, where there is room for contemplation, thought breaks or just a rest.

A 'sitting room' where the big visions and small thoughts can come up in everyday life with otherwise many impressions

Kumo is an example that design and thoughts can grow into something extraordinary if we create space and freedom for this growth.

A lounge chair where you can find a moment of calm, weightlessness and unlimited time.

A lounge chair built to follow people and families through their lives.

KUMOについて アンカーの言葉 (Anker says about Kumo)



製品情報 (Product information)





KUMOについて (About Kumo)






Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair


Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair
Kumo a functional chair