The wooden walker




Stainless steel


Heights 83-93cm
Width 56cm
Depth 60cm

Area of use


Anker says about SINDIG
“I wanted to create a walker with as few elements as possible that could question how we look at and talk about the walker. At the same time, I wanted to show the possibilities of wood when pushed to the limits.

It is one of the most challenging pieces of furniture to design. The construction is complicated, it has to fulfil many functions and is expensive to manufacture.

I felt that if I could change our perception of the walker, I could help change how the industry sees it.
So SINDIG is both a hypothesis and a question I pass on.”

With SINDIG, Anker wanted to change how we perceive the walker and invite designers to think outside the box and challenge the conventions affiliated with traditional walkers.

Whether through old age or disability, many people will benefit from a walker to provide stability through both hands at some point.
It is an essential piece of Everyday Assistive Furniture (EAF) that can help extend the years we move around by ourselves.

Anker designed a walker that users could appreciate and take pride in using. A piece of furniture that is not only concerned with function but also aesthetics, independence and quality of life.

Product information
SINDIG is the combination of an engineering task and design vision.

The walker is made from solid oak milled hollow, hiding the brake mechanism cables for a clean and honest look.

The height-adjustable handles ensure every user can have optimal posture when walking, and for convenience, the walker can be quickly disassembled by simply loosening six bolts.

In SINDIG, organic form and stable construction come together, proposing a paradigm shift in how we perceive the walker.

アンカーはSINDIG(シンディ)についてこう語 っています。 
「私は、できるだけ少ない要素で歩行器を作り、 歩行器そのものに対しての見方や語られ方に疑 問を投げかけるようなデザインにしたいと思いま した。同時に、木の持つ可能性を限界まで追求し たときの可能性を示したかったのです。

こちらの歩行器は、「日常生活用具」のデザイン の中でも、もっとも苦労してデザインした家具の ひとつと言えるでしょう。複雑な構造で、多くのニ ーズを満たさなければならず、しかも製造コスト が高い。

もし、私のデザインが歩行器に対する認識を変 えることができたとすれば、業界が歩行器に対し て見ている感覚も変えることができるのではな いか、と考えたのです。SINDIGは、私の仮説であ り、問いかけでもあるのです。」

SINDIG is The wooden walker
SINDIG is The wooden walker
SINDIG is The wooden walker
SINDIG is The wooden walker
SINDIG is The wooden walker


Process of SINDIG
Process of SINDIG
Process of SINDIG
Process of SINDIG